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Pembroke Will Writers Ltd was formed in January 2000 by my wife Gill and I. In setting up the company, both of us, as directors, were keen to implement a code of ethics by which we would always adhere. We wanted to treat people in the same manner as to how we liked to be treated. We recognised that most of our appointments would be carried out in client’s homes and wanted to respect this. As such, Pembroke Will Writers was one of the first will writing companies to insist on what are now known as DBS checks. We also adopted a lot of the best practices as offered by the then Financial Services Authority, including but not limited to ensuring that people were not contacted out of certain hours and always identifying ourselves with ID on arrival at the appointment.

As Pembroke took on more consultants, we continued to ensure that they were all CRB checked and intentionally set no sales targets. This has continued to the present day and is to ensure that our clients receive the products they want and can afford and not what the salesman would want them to have. All appointments are allocated a generous time slot to ensure the consultant is not rushed and is able to spend time answering all questions directed at them, regardless of whether it is a basic will or a more comprehensive will.
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Here at Pembroke Will Writers, we feel that it is not good enough just to sell a product, but to ensure the client understands it fully and the impact it would have on them. Accordingly, we became proud members of the IPW (Institute of Professional Will Writers). This offered us an organisation that would police us, ensure that we were up to date with legislation, and ensure they we are fully insured to trade. It also offered a community whereby if ever something fell out of our remit, then we know someone who can help.

This desire to offer an honest, straight talking company that is passionate about its clients has led to us celebrating 15 years in the business. This trust has been forged and proved by hard work which has now seen over 55% of our work coming from recommendations from our existing clients. Pembroke also has a large network of financial advisors that recommend us on a daily basis. To trust Pembroke to go to their clients' homes is a trust that we as a company do not take lightly.
Pembroke Will Writers has built up a great reputation and built up a lot of trust within the industry and many other organisations. In fact, many other will writing companies ask us to carry out work for them in the Kent area due to their trust in us as an organisation.

As the years have unfolded, the territory covered by Pembroke has grown accordingly. In 2014, we started writing wills in the Humberside and Cleethorpes area for the local YMCA. It was a great opportunity for the company to give something back to the community. As a company we are actively involved with other charities to find ways helping the charities, through legacies, protect the future of their organisations. In the main, Pembroke covers what a lot of people would call the M25 corridor; the South East counties. However, we do have cover in most areas of the country.

Pembroke Will Writers is a family run business. Gareth Phipps, our son, has recently joined the company as the third director having earned his stripes in the banking industry including managing a Complaints Team at Coutts & Co Bank as well as many years as a manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our company and we would love to hear from you.
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