Tenancy Agreements

Ensure your property is left as you desire

Avoid the problems that can arise that would prevent your property from being passed as you desire

Tenancy agreements you can rely on

Though it may seem simple to leave a property to an individual, as required, there are several factors you need to consider. After a person dies, there are several factors that will affect what happens to a property. This could serve to prevent property going to the intended beneficiary.
  • Jointly owned property automatically passes to the survivor
  • Nominated property can pass to beneficiaries not stipulated in the will
  • A house can be sold to pay for care costs
We can advise you how to solve these problems and provide the necessary solution in a cost effective manner with minimal fuss.

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Make sure property is transferred as you want it to be.

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tenancy agreement

You can complete this alongside your will

The necessary tenancy agreements you need can be put in place in addition to your will and can be completed alongside your funeral plans. Contact our office in Gillingham to compose a tenancy agreement with our team.
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